Where Good Taste Meets Good Health

When EatingWell® magazine started over 20 years ago our goal was simple: help you eat better. Better for you. Better tasting. Better ingredients. After all we’re from Vermont, where simple, healthy, delicious food is a way of life. So we began with a magazine packed with recipes, nutrition advice and stories about where our food comes from. Soon we followed up with cookbooks, a website and a huge community of like-minded fans across social media. Now we’ve made another leap, this time into the freezer aisle of your supermarket, because we want to make sure that even when life gets way too busy, you can eat well.

We’re excited to bring you these EatingWell frozen entrées because they reflect what we do best. To start, they taste amazing. From the sharp Vermont cheddar in our mac and cheese to the roja sauce in our steak carne asada, each recipe is thoughtfully crafted with ingredients that add delicious flavors. Our team includes registered dietitians who make sure what tastes good, is also good for your balanced lifestyle. So each EatingWell frozen meal is delicious, rich in protein and starts with 1 cup of vegetables. What they don’t include are preservatives or artificial flavors or colors. The grains we chose are whole instead of refined. The dairy ingredients are from cows never given growth hormones. (No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBST treated and non rBST treated cows.)

EatingWell is bringing these frozen meals to you with our partner Bellisio Foods. Bellisio has been making frozen food for over 25 years. Today they are one of the largest and fastest-growing frozen food manufacturers in the country. Their core belief is that simplifying life with delicious and easy food is a beautiful thing. We couldn’t agree more!

EatingWell magazine – along with the brand’s website and social media – serves up recipes, advice and stories to millions of readers each month.

EatingWell cookbooks provide delicious recipe collections that make healthy choices more exciting.