Go Get That Green Goodness

You hear it all the time: eat your greens. Usually this refers to dark leafy greens, but that doesn’t mean all the other green veggies in the garden should be ignored.

While those dark leafies do deserve accolades for helping to lower cholesterol, boost bone health and preserve your vision, don’t miss out on the benefits of good stuff like edamame (which can help maintain proper blood pressure) and zucchini (which helps keep your immune system healthy).

Most people don’t eat enough veggies in a day, so we load each and every one of our EatingWell frozen entrées with at least one full cup of them. Whether you prefer familiar flavors or adventurous cuisine, we’re making this easy for you! Here’s what you’ll find in our meals:

Broccoli: – in our Vermont Cheddar Mac & Cheese
Brussels sprouts: – in our Chicken & Wild Rice Stroganoff
Edamame: – in our Spicy Asian Inspired Chicken
Green beans: – in our Cherry Port Pork
Kale: – in our Creamy Pesto Chicken
Mustard greens: – in our Spicy Asian Inspired Chicken
Peas: – in our Indian Inspired Chicken
Spinach: – in our Korean Inspired Beef
Zucchini: – in our Creamy Pesto Chicken & Moroccan Inspired Chicken

Don’t hesitate to add a side salad to your frozen entrée for even more green goodness. And when you want to make a salad your full meal, follow this basic building principle: Pile most of your plate with leafy greens or other veggies, topped with a serving of healthy protein (about the size of a deck of cards) and a touch of a healthy fat, like olive oil or avocado. Voila!

Looking for some variety? You can find oodles of healthy greens recipes from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell magazine. And we’re not just talking salads—they’ve cooked up yummy soups, wraps, lasagnas and pasta bakes.

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